1 month been

1 month has past, people used to say honey mood period, however, feeling of tension and stressful are getting near. First of all, it seem a tough mission game is on going round by round. 

During this time, I realise working to different personality person have their own ways. I can stand with you until the success route, thus, do not mean i must obey or follow you. It is hard to cope with foreigner that wants to go fast in high expectation. 

Understand sometime human being got own frustrate and reason behind on EQ where unable to release. Most challenging part is concern on superior feeling and daily job tasks. The moment I wake, I feel worried and fear to face daily job whether manage to meet his expectation. 

Is this the way I want ?  The momentum I expect ?  How long I can continue this ? Any plan B? plan C? 

Never give up easily until the deep breath!

After so long

兜兜转转了二十多年,屡战屡败无数次,在机缘巧合之下让一顿晚餐遇见你从此生命中多了一个你。。 坚持  是最后的胜利,有些人的坚持得不到要的结果但至少有付出过没得怨,我的坚持可以是这一生收来的福吧。。。这一路不简单所以我会好好珍惜不会放手
 “可以泄气但 不能放弃!”

2017 !@#

Wishing Family & Friends Happy New Year 2017. !! 

Let's learn from 2016 and move on brand new 2017 !  

No matter how difficult it is, hang on and move on !! 


Career : Explore New Environment !

Financial : Plan wisely and Carefully !

Relationship : Maintain until the end !



Career : Bring it on New Challenge ! New environment !! ... Never give up ..... 

Financial : Plan wisely. At least 5 digits Cash in hand. 

Relationship : May God Bless me. 

Summary for above:

Career: Had been 7-9 companies interviewed. In the end, it show that my next stop still far apart. 

Financial: What can i said is shaking and risk. 

Relationship: Complicated... 2017 might be turning point. 

Coming 2017 plant to be update. ..

It's come to end of

2016 ending. Am i on the track on what I had planned at the begin of the year ? 

Lots of things happened throughout of the year, on Career, Family, Friendship even Relationship. 

Happiness and Sadness are joint together from day 1 of 2016.This is circle of life, what can we do is cherish and enjoy it. 
Memorable, Cherish, Harmony, Warm, & Enjoy month, which recall back what had we achieve throughout 12 months journey  

Mr Lee, are you serious this time ? ! If yes, please give all your best !! All in & Show Hand !! 

If you do it Right, Once is enough ...................



匆匆忙忙的过了十月,从喜到优后来 松了一口气。。。



往前一步是黄昏 退后一步是人生

接着就是自己的一年一度的室内足球比赛了,这一届很难眠因为增加球队了,担心没人参加,担心控制不到场面,担心出事,种种的事一直到脑里 直到圆满结束。。。。。希望明年可以做到更好吧。。


Simple Month.

Well Simple & Mono status month.

nothing special happened this month. It seems goes dull every weekend.

relax and relief which there isn't any plan/activity going on.

feel kindly bored of doing nothing.

coming month of october, november& december will be pack and hope everything goes smoothly. ;-)

3 more months will be ending of 2016, what had i achieved ? year end review soon. 

where is my courage to say hi again ? come on ! before its late. Yes you can !